Hello, I am John Kinsey, the pastor of Harmony Hall Baptist Church.  I am excited to share with you some of the things that God has done and is doing in His church.  Walk with me as we take a brief journey through time.  Harmony Hall Baptist Church was established in 1821 by a few consecrated, baptized believers in Jesus Christ who had a vision.  At that time, Harmony Hall Baptist Church was one of only five Baptist churches in a four year old Hall County.  The first building was a crude log cabin with slabs for benches and closed windows with wooden shutters.  The members worshipped by candlelight made from tallow or by kerosene lamps.  With no musical instruments, the members would come together for worship as they sang praise to their Lord.  The members continued seeking to be a lighthouse for the Lord, a place where people could find hope and peace.  Another building, which was our sanctuary, was erected in 1875.

Since then there have been many improvements and additions for education space, as well as the purchase of an additional 3 acres for future growth in order to fulfill God’s great call to His people.  In June of 2011 the sanctuary was destroyed by a fire however His call has not changed.  He still gives meaning to wondering lives, hope for those who are helplessly discouraged, peace to the storm ridden and shattered, and life abundantly to all that will trust in Him.  The heart of Harmony is to be a vibrant church that is willing to make aggressive strides in reaching others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to make a difference in the world. We are now in our new sanctuary and we are moving onward and upward for His Honor and Glory!

Do you feel like your life has been hit by a whirlwind?  Do you struggle with making right decisions?  Harmony could be the right place for you.  You may be one of those people that have never tried church, or God; or perhaps you tried church years ago only to be hurt or disappointed and you don’t really know where to go or what to do.  If this is you, we at Harmony would like to invite you to come worship with us as we seek to discover God’s mercy, grace, and unconditional love together.  Our God is a God of U-turns and second chances.  Come visit a place where everybody is somebody, and Jesus Christ is Lord.

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